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From Insurance Agents & Mortgage Professionals to Wedding Planners & Decorators,
Add Client Value by Sharing Your List of Recommended Vendors
ClientLinkt Connector

Add Client Value
& Show Your Expertise

Help clients by making your network of professional contacts and vendors easily available. Be a trusted resource for clients and show just how connected you are.

Increase Client Loyalty

Add new value by extending discounts from your vendor network to clients. You'll grow client loyalty and drive repeat & referral business.

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Decide Who Has Access

Do you have exclusive discounts or personalized recommendations for each of your clients? Create Private lists for client only access. Or make your list Public to connect with potential clients searching for businesses like you.

Drive Referrals

Past clients are the best marketing channel. With gentle reminders, ClientLinkt Connector gets clients sharing, referring & promoting you to friends and family.

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Be a Connector.

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