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Create & Share Connections.

The easiest way to help clients access preferred vendors, connect association members or promote local businesses in your community.

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Create Your List

From your phone or from the web, it takes just minutes to create a list of contacts & recommended businesses. We'll auto-fill business details from Google Places, and if you have a big list already - simply upload it.

Decide Who Has Access

Set your list to Public to share it openly with clients, prospects and your community; or choose Private to create an exclusive member only list. You have full control over who has access.

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Share via Email, SMS or Social Media

You've created a valuable list of connections... now share it via text, email or across social media with just a click! You'll be instantly notified when someone connects.

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Professionals from Real Estate Agents to Wedding Planners add client value & streamline transactions by sharing a list of recommended vendors with clients.

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Chambers of Commerce, Networking Groups & Professional Associations make their member directory always accessible to drive business across their network.

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Neighborhood Groups, Apartments, Schools & Non-Profits use Connector to promote local businesses & share trusted contacts within their ecosystem.

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